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COVID-19 Restrictions for Arrivals in the UK

The United Kingdom has encountered one of the highest death rates from Covid-19 globally, leading to multiple lockdowns. The recently discovered Omicron coronavirus variant has also spread through England. UK government lifted most legal coronavirus restrictions in summer 2021. But, UK international travel restrictions remained in place. Also, the UK has reintroduced some preventive measures and regulations following the emergence of the Omicron variant.

What Are The Restrictions?

All UK arrivals must follow the guideline set by the UK government before arriving in England.

Red List Countries

Previously, UK citizens returning from red list countries had to pay for a 10-day hotel quarantine. Non-UK residents coming from red list countries were not permitted to enter the UK. But currently, no country is on the UK’s red list.

Green List Countries

Any destination that is not present on the red list is considered green. Hence currently, all countries are on the UK’s green list. But some green countries are still not allowing nonessential travel to or from the UK. According to the latest updates, fully vaccinated travelers and those under 18’s can enter the UK without additional testing requirements. The US and EU countries come under UK-approved vaccination programs. The UK also accepts the Covid-19 vaccines on the WHO’s Emergency Use Listing. Non-vaccinated travelers who enter the UK from green list countries must have a pre-departure negative test. They need to undergo a day 2 test and pay for its expenses. But, the good news is they no longer need to undergo day 8 tests or quarantine upon arrival in the UK.

Before Leaving For the UK, What Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing Rules Do You Need to Follow?

If You Are Fully Vaccinated

Before traveling to England, you need to complete a passenger locator form. You have to fill out this form within two days before reaching the UK. According to new rules, there is no testing requirement after you arrive in England. Also, you are not required to quarantine yourself after reaching the United Kingdom.

If You Are Not Fully Vaccinated

If you are not fully vaccinated and want to travel to the UK, you need to know the following things.

Before You Travel to the UK – Non-Vaccinated Arrivals

Before traveling to England, non-vaccinated travelers must undergo a COVID-19 test. Also, book a COVID-19 PCR test after arriving in the UK. You have to fill out a UK passenger locator form within 48 hours before reaching England. While filing the document, enter your PCR COVID test booking reference number.

After You Arrive in England – Rules for Unvaccinated Arrivals

According to new rules set by the UK government, you are not required to quarantine after arriving in England. But, you must take the COVID-19 PCR test that you have scheduled before your trip. You need to take the test as soon as you arrive. But not after day 2. The day you reach England is Day 0. You must self-isolate if your covid test report is positive or uncertain.

Traveling with Children

Children under 18’s do not need to take any COVID-19 travel tests. Also, they do not require to quarantine on arrival in England. But, we recommend checking the rules of the country you are traveling from. They may ask you to take a covid test of your children before starting the journey to the UK.

Red List Countries

Rules differ for vaccinated, non-vaccinated, and children who have stayed in a red list destination ten days before arriving in the UK. Although currently, there are no countries on the red list. All destinations are on the UK’s green list.

UK Testing Standards

It is your responsibility to find a pre-departure and post-arrival test provider. Your tests should meet the UK testing standards for sensitivity, specificity, and viral load.

UK Government’s Mandatory Covid-19 UK Arrival Tests

After arriving in England, you must undergo a Lateral flow device (LFD) and PCR tests. You are fully responsible for finding a testing source and organizing your tests tailored to UK testing standards.

 UK Quarantine Rules set By The English government

Passengers who enter the UK from abroad must follow the UK quarantine rules. Rules that you have to follow will be determined by where you have been in the last ten days before your arrival in the United Kingdom. Quarantine rules also largely depend on whether you are fully vaccinated or not.

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