Medical Documentation

Medical Documentation & Sick Certification

Many companies demand a medical and sick certification from the employees if they have been on sick leave. It is commonly applied after two consecutive days of illness, although policies vary across organizations.

Fit Notes and Return to Work Notes

We can help you with documentation following our assessment if clinically appropriate. Our team of experts can deliver fit notes and return to work notes for your employer in case of severe injuries and temporary illnesses. We can also provide sick certification for statutory payment purposes.

What About Other Letters?

If you arrange a coronavirus test through us, we can provide you with a documented certification once we receive the result.

However, the documentation you are being asked for often requires a check on your full medical record. If this is the case, we are often unable to assist, and you are best off speaking to your NHS GP. Examples of letters we cannot usually provide includes:

  • ‘fit-to’ letters, e.g. ‘fit-to scuba dive’
  • Insurers requesting ‘further information to approve insurance claims
  • Firearms Licenses
  • Letters to colleges and universities requesting special dispensation/ delays to your course

We are always seeking to increase what we can do to help patients and discuss options to improve what we can do; for instance, getting permission to speak with your GP may permit us to offer more detailed documentation.

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