Travel Advisory

Our Specialists and Clinical Professionals Recommend Effective Travel Medicines for the People of Slough and Windsor.

Our experienced team at our several GP clinics in Slough and Windsor will provide you with expert advice on risks related to specific places and the implications of traveling with certain underlying conditions. They recommend altitude medicines for people with a complicated health history.

Get Travel Vaccines from Our Experts

We are your travel health experts with several clinics in Windsor, Slough, and Reading. If you require travel vaccines, Covid-19 or allergy testing, altitude medicine, or any other health-related service, we can help. At Prime Medicare, we offer:

  • Antimalarials
  • Motion sickness
  • Jet lag
  • Altitude medicine
  • Travel vaccinations

We effectively help prepare travelers for healthcare concerns that might arise during their trips.

Why do I require a doctor’s consultation?

Before we prescribe, we will check you have sought (or know how to seek) travel advice from a travel clinic (e.g., your NHS GP or a private travel clinic). You may not be aware that many travel medicines, though commonly used, are not actually licensed for the purpose. Therefore, the prescribing doctor must very clearly explain the medicine usage and side effects.

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