Remote Consulations

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We are a digital first company and we always recommend a remote consultation first. We can then discuss your options for further care. We can discuss any health complaint by video or phone (your choice) at your convenience.


Remote Appointments

What is a Remote Consultation?

A remote appointment or consultation is an easy way to contact your General Practitioner (GP) regardless of the time and place. Assessment and advice from a private GP via video or telephone consultation at your convenience.

A remote consultation saves you time, money and gives quick access to the help you need. Our team of expert private GP’s at Prime Medicare will effectively help in the treatment you require or advise you on the other options near you.

When Don't We Recommend Digital-First Consultations?

  • Medical Emergencies – If you have experienced a sudden medical emergency such as a severe asthma attack or symptoms of a heart attack, you should always call 999.
  • If you have sustained a severe injury, you should immediately attend the closest A&E.
  • Sudden trauma and Road Traffic accident, you should call 999 or attend A&E.
    However, if you would like to talk with our private GP first, you can schedule an immediate remote appointment with our team of experts without delay. We are always grateful to provide you with our advice.

Limitations of Remote Appointments

If we can safely advise or treat you at a remote appointment with digital-primary care, we will. However, if we feel your condition is severe and need to be seen in person, our next step is to offer you an in-person appointment or discuss other nearby accessible options.

The conditions that we can not treat safely at a remote consultation include:

  • Assessing an acute limb or joint injury that may require an X-ray
  • Diagnosing problems like Pneumonia and Middle Ear Infections
  • Consideration of prescribing controlled medications such as Morphine, Pregabalin, and Gabapentin

Our policy restricts our private GP’s prescribing certain strong medications without seeing you in person first.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment, we can only offer remote appointments for the residents of England. But we are trying our best to provide remote care to our UK-based customers when they travel outside the country.

Our policy is to record all the consultations unless patients expressively request not to do so. It is explained in greater detail in our terms and conditions, a copy of which is available on our website. All recordings are kept securely and following GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018. Recording consultations follow General Medical Council advice.

We do require your ID verification via video. However, you can also book a telephone appointment if you prefer. In case of telephone appointment booking, a member of our administrative team will contact you in advance of your appointment to undertake your ID verification.

Don’t worry if you have no means of receiving a video call. You can discuss your further options with our team when they contact you.