Our expert team of certified private GP’s can generally solve most problems and provide treatment accordingly, but the need for a personal physician is sometimes mandatory. If you think you need a private referral or you’re unsure, your first step is to make a GP appointment with us. Our team will first assess you, and if it is clinically appropriate, they may write a GP referral letter for you.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Referral Letter?

At Prime Medicare, we can instantly issue specialist consultant referrals; hence, you can immediately get the further expert treatment you need.

A GP referral letter is also needed, especially if you plan to fund treatment through a private medical insurance company. Our experts can provide an urgent GP referral letter in a same-day GP consultation.

How Much Do a GP Referral Letters Cost?

One referral letter per consultation is provided for no additional or hidden private prescription charges. However, we retain the right to impose additional charges for multiple referral letters during the same consultation. If we agree to prescribe, it will incur a charge of £25 per prescription.

Check our Pricing Page to know details regarding our private prescription charges.

Please note that we are unable to provide NHS referrals at this time.

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