Private Prescriptions

If we agree to provide you with a private prescription in our remote appointment with you, we offer a private e-prescription free of charge. Our team will then contact your chosen pharmacy and send them a copy of the prescription.

How Much Do Private Prescriptions Cost?

We do not charge a prescribing fee when issued during a remote appointment. However, pharmacies will charge you for the medications and their dispensing fee. Unfortunately, we cannot advise you how much this will cost you.

Please Note at This Time, We Do Not Offer NHS Prescriptions.

Which Medications Do You Not Prescribe?

We do not prescribe you the medicines that we think are not safe for your overall health without examining you in person. Medications that we either do not prescribe or have prescribing limitations on include:

  • Controlled medications
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Sleeping tablets
  • Unlicensed medications
  • Performance-enhancing drugs

Private Prescriptions Without a Consultation

Requests for prescriptions without consultation are available only for the medications we have previously prescribed for you.

Our team will assess your request for the suitability, and we will either agree to prescribe or recommend a further consultation. If we decide to prescribe, it will charge you £25 per prescription.