Are you looking for the best defences against the flu? We’re here to help you with flu prevention tips from experts and get yourself protected.

What is flu?

Flu is a viral infection that spreads through respiratory droplets. Flu is the only respiratory virus that can be prevented by vaccination. It spreads from one person to other by talking or through physical contact such as shaking hands.


Many people want to treat flu at home. A mix of way of life cures and home drugs can assist with alleviating side effects. Taking pain painkillers can assist with dealing with a migraine and body pain.

Pain killers like aspirin are not suitable for kids under 16.  The use of aspirin medicine at this age can be extremely harmful. So, it is better to get a consultation with your doctor.

Flu Prevention Tips 

Common Ways To Prevent The Flu

Below are some common flu prevention tips from experts: 


Who Should Not Get The Flu Vaccine?

Below is the list of people who should not Get the flu vaccine:

When to Get yourself vaccinated?

flu is a yearly immunization, that’s why you want to set it every year up to safeguard yourself from the infection.

How To Treat The Flu?

Assuming you become ill with seasonal influenza, you genuinely must drink a lot of fluids, attempt to eat, and get a lot of rest. You may need to consult with your GP about your health conditions.

If you need a GP who can treat you well, contact prime medicare.  Our highly experienced team of private GPs will treat you in a safe and comfortable environment. And gives you the best flu prevention tips. Get in touch with us now!

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