Travel Policies For Hajj pilgrimage: Hajj is an Islamic obligation performed by many Muslims every year. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 1 to 3 million pilgrims travelled to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on an Islamic religious pilgrimage.


The dates for Hajj 2022/1443H

Hajj starts on the 8th day of Zilhaj and ends by the 13th day. The Islamic calendar is 11 days shorter than the calendar that the Western world uses. Hence, the date of Hajj comes 11 days earlier every year.


Will Hajj Be open For The Citizens Of The UK In 2022?

Yes, applications for Hajj visa 2022 are currently open for the residents of the UK. The government will choose Haj pilgrims according to the Covid-appropriate criteria. The government of the UK and Saudi Arabia have released the guideline. The Hajj 2022 procedure will be held following that policy. They have made the guideline in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Both governments want to ensure the health and well-being of their people.


Travel Policies For Hajj pilgrimage By The Saudi Government

The Ministry of Umrah and Hajj has set some rules. The people who want to perform Hajj this year have to follow the guideline. According to the new Travel Policies For Hajj pilgrimage of the Saudi government, pilgrims coming from the UK must provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test. They must perform this test completed within 72 hours of their arrival in Saudi Arabia.

The British pilgrims who are making a plan to perform Hajj 2022 must follow the official guidance issued by the government of Saudi Arabia. We recommend you book travel with the organizers having a license from the Ministry of Umrah and Hajj. Travel with the company that provides a valid Air Travel Organizers License. (ATOL).


Hajj 2022 Rules For British Pilgrimage

Are you a British national in Saudi Arabia? Do you want to perform Hajj 2022? You can apply through the official Ministry of Hajj app. But, if you have to go from the UK to Saudia to perform Hajj. You must need to fill out a Registration Immunization Information Form. Also, British citizens who wish to perform Hajj should follow the announcements on the official website of the ministry of Umrah and Hajj. Also, closely follow the FCDO’s official social media channels.


What Type Of Covid Tests Does British Pilgrimage Need Before Going For Hajj?

The two main tests that you should Undergo:

Rapid PCR Test For Hajj

You should undergo PCR Test For Hajj. The sample collected for PCR tests is sent to a lab for diagnostic experts to check.

Rapid Lateral Flow Tests

These tests are similar to a pregnancy test. Experts perform Rapid lateral flow tests using a device. You will get an urgent test report.


Hajj And Umrah Vaccination

Saudi Arabia accepts the ten COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccines are listed by WHO. You can find the vaccine information at the Unified Portal for External Hajj 2022. Before travelling to Saudia to perform Hajj, you should ensure that you are fully vaccinated. Use the vaccinations that are acceptable by the Saudi government.


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